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Late for work Other puzzles  Weight: 0 Liked the puzzle: 66% 24.01.2010
One Megamind lived in a country ruled by a ruthless despot, terrorizing the entire population. The laws were so strict that thousands of people were sentenced for any slight misbehavior and thrown into prison. For being more than 10 minutes late for work, any unfortunate soul would be incarcerated for 5 years. Once, an elderly worker was late for 12 minutes. His immediate boss filed the report, and the worker was arrested and tried in court. The court did not have a choice of many defenders because everybody was afraid to become one. The Megamind was also scared but he also knew that there was a way to save the man, so he stepped up and became the man's defense attorney. In court, the Megamind addressed the audience and asked them a single question. A few minutes later, the man was set free by the court. What question did the Megamind ask?
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Crossing the border Other puzzles  Weight: 0 Liked the puzzle: 100% 03.02.2010
During WWII, there was a heavily guarded bridge over the river separating Germany from Switzerland. Each sentry had orders to shoot at anybody trying to escape into the Swiss side, and turn back all those who were coming into Germany without proper papers. The post was located on the German side of the bridge. Every three minutes, the sentry got out to inspect the bridge. A German woman was desperate to flee into the safety of Switzerland. She knew that crossing the entire bridge takes 5-6 minutes. She could sneak onto the bridge when the sentry was sitting inside the post, but then she would be surely discovered and shot...She found a solution. What did she do?
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