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Two villages Knights, Knaves and Jokers  Weight: 2 Liked the puzzle: 100% 27.12.2009
A Megamind is lost in the mountains. He is standing on a path, shouting for help. Finally, he sees a local approaching. Megamind knows that the locals can be knights that always tell the truth, or knaves that always lie. He also knows that the path leads to the village of knights in one direction and to the village of knaves in the other. The problems is that the knaves are also hateful of Megaminds, and will stone him if gets to their village. How can Megamind ask one question and determine the right way to go?
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A circle of lies Knights, Knaves and Jokers  Weight: 4 Liked the puzzle: 100% 16.01.2010
After a shipwreck, a MegaMind found himself on an island where some natives always lie and some always tell the truth. As a ritual, all natives stood in a circle facing the center, joined their hands and everybody told the MegaMind whether his right hand side neighbor is a liar or a truth-teller. Based on this information, the MegaMind was able to determine the exact percentage of natives that tell the truth. Can you also determine this percentage?
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A thousand natives Knights, Knaves and Jokers  Weight: 5 Liked the puzzle: 100% 30.12.2009
A MegaMind was captured and brought to an island where a 1000 natives live. Some natives always tell the truth and some always lie. There is at least one truth teller on the island. The MegaMind was promised to be kept alive if he can point out the liars from the truth-tellers. Every hour, the MegaMind is allowed to call up a number of natives and ask a single question: "How many of you are truth-tellers?" or "How many of you are the liars?" How many hours does the MegaMind need before he can determine the liars/truth-tellers?
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A foreign sentry Knights, Knaves and Jokers  Weight: 5 Liked the puzzle: 100% 04.01.2010
You are standing at the road fork. One of the two roads leads to your destination, but you don't know which one. Fortunately, there is a sentry guarding the intersection. Unfortunately, the sentry can be a knight or a knave, moreover, he is a foreigner. He understands you, but when he responds, he says "uhh" or "err" meaning "yes" or "no", but you don't know what means what. He does not say anything else, and he is standing at attention, not being able to point in the right direction. On top of all this, the sentry is somewhat dumb, i.e. he cannot understand sentences longer than 13 words. You may ask a single question to figure out which way to go. Which question should you ask?
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